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Mr. Chua

Highest Academic Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, National University of Singapore (1992)

Business location: Based in Singapore (WFH - work from home).

Appointment location: Velocity @ Novena Square

Press and Media

TV: CNBC Asia (Singapore), BBC World (Singapore), BBC (London)

Print: ANA Inflight magazine, The New Paper, Home and Decor Singapore

Professional Training

Trained in Ba Zi Birth Chart Analysis

Yang Feng Shui - for homes and business premises

Yin Feng Shui 

Current Service Provided

Ba Zi birth chart analysis for personal guidance only. ($150 per hour)

Contact Phone Number

Due to the modern world problem of spam and scam calls and messages, the mobile phone is default set to silent/block for all new numbers. Please send text /whats'app/signal to 91541490. 

Email (note: all unsolicited spam will be reported and blocked).


By cash or electronic transfer.

2012 IFSC