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Scroll down further after the Google Form to get my contact information like work mobile phone number, email, payment details, etc. 

Ba Zi Profile Appointment

  1. Price is S$150 per person. (promo rates may apply, please check the form)
  2. Appointment time is weekdays at 4 pm at a public cafe. I do not perform my work during night time, so the latest appointment I can accept is 6 pm.
  3. Weekend rate is S$180 per person.
  4. Include your date of birth and time of birth with your email if you want to make a Ba Zi birth chart appointment.
  5. Depending on Mr. Chua's schedule, an appointment slot may be available in 2-3 working days.
  6. Booking advice: a Ba Zi appointment is simple and straight-forward, submit your date of birth and time, confirm a date and time, show up and payment by cash or electronic payment.
  7. Your Ba Zi chart is colour laser printed and supporting information are provided. 

Voice Message Service

You can leave a recorded message on my landline number @3102 5246. Remember to include your name and contact phone number in your message for me to call you back.

WhatsApp and Email

Facebook Page

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Electronic Payment

Electronic payment is accepted. Please verify which payment method you are using (bank and account name) so that I can trace your payment quickly. 

Pay Now

My corporate PayNow account ID: 52957610D

QR Code

Just scan the QR Code above using your mobile phone camera to go to your bank account payment page.

All are welcome. 
Privacy and confidentiality.

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