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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ba Zi Advice Service S$150


Consulting Service for Ba Zi 八字命理

Thank you for considering the consulting services provided by me, Mr. Chua. Consulting fees are $150 for Ba Zi Profile appointments. The consulting time is set at 1 hour, but I may extend the session depending on the your Ba Zi chart. 

Cooperative clients are the best! Please supply accurate data before the appointment: 

Date of birth, 

Time of birth, and

City of birth.

Appointment date is confirmed after receipt of input data from client.

During the appointment, colour Ba Zi Chart with supporting information pages will be given to help client understand how their Ba Zi Chart are structured and their implications.

Ba Zi Chart consists of Natal Chart, 10 Year Triggers, Annual (Year) Trigger.

With much effort I have programmed my own Ba Zi Chart software, it is unique and not available anywhere else.

The same Ba Zi Chart for each person can be used in two ways to provide insights into: 

(a) Personal matters (relationship, etc) and,

(b) Work related matters. 

Please get your questions ready to discuss the issues affecting you before the appointment, to make full use of the paid appointment hour. Voice recording is counter-productive and highly discouraged. The purpose of the appointment is to reveal insights from your Ba Zi birth chart, not dictate what you should do nor what should happen. 

My methods have helped many clients see new insights into their lives, and hence can move forward to make better decisions on their own. During the session and after the appointment, it is common for clients to want to spend more time with me. You can book another session again at S$100 for subsequent appointments as many times as you like; and buy me a nice vegetarian lunch. Sorry I have stopped drinking alcohol for many years now so drinks request are rejected. No thanks!

Contact Phone Number

Due to the modern world problem of spam and scam calls and messages, the mobile phone is default set to silent/block for all new numbers. Please send text /whats'app/signal to 91541490

Email (note: all unsolicited spam will be reported and blocked).


By cash or electronic transfer.

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