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Thursday, February 10, 2022

壬寅年二十四节气 24 Solar Terms of 2022, Year of Water Tiger / Ren Yin

2022 (C) Chua Chee Hiang
(C) 2022 Chua Chee Hiang

Here is a chart graphic drawn up by me on the laptop that contains the 24 Solar Terms time and date for the year of Ren Yin Water Tiger 2022. 

You can see that the solar part of the Chinese luni-solar calendar has similar month timing to the Gregorian international calendar, but the start and end dates and times per month differ by 4 to 8 days. Also, note that the month changeover timings are not at 00:00 hours. 

The Chinese 24 Solar Terms were inscribed in 2016 (11.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Technical Note:

I write the information on this blog site for the common person (in "street" terms) who may not be educated on the technical aspects of Chinese Feng Shui and Ba Zi studies. The articles are written as simple as can be, so that they are easily understood, but there is a limit. There are many nuances and adjustments that need to be made, for example, local conditions may be different due to geographical location. 

Singapore's clock does not display Solar time, i.e. you don't expect the direct sun shadow at 12 noon here exactly. In fact, internationally, most countries have their clock (local) times shifted ahead or behind to the imaginary GMT hour longitude lines, so that each city and/or country may have one clock time. Due to Russia's geographic area and territorial zone, it has 11 time zones while France and its dependancies stretch across 12.

In Singapore's case, the Solar Time based on its geographical longitude location within the country territory is listed as 103.8281415" East. As each UTC hour is 15 degrees, 103.8281415 divided by 15 should be equal to 6.9 hours (6 hour 54mins). Instead, we are following UTC +8 hours on our clocks. Singaporeans are living ahead of the Solar Time with regards to the island country's geographic location. 


Hong Kong Observatory at web site: publishes its calculations on annual 24 Solar Terms under the "Astronomy and Time" tab. There are also iPhone apps that includes the Chinese luni-solar calendar. 



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